Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to Vito's All Seasons Market

Wecome to my Blog.  I hope you become a frequent visitor to both my blog site and to my market. 

I am dedicated to bringing my customers the best selection of fresh produce and the highest quality of food I can find.  Whenever possible  it is locally grown.

I carry Vosen's Breads which is a local bakery using ovens brought over from Germany by the original owner. 

I also pride myself in bringing in fresh produce every day.  The larger super markets have buyers who go to market then take the produce to large warehouses to be distributed from there, a day or two later.  My selections are displayed the same day I receive them so your produce is really fresh.  Come on in and see for yourself!


  1. Vitoooooo, seu blog está lindo demais. E sua loja é tudo de bom. Desejo que você continue tendo muito sucesso e sendo esta pessoa maravilhosa e cheia de luz. Torço sempre por voces e desejo que estajam sempre em harmonia, com muito luz, muita saúde e muitas alegrias.

  2. awesome prouce. Love the bountiful boxes