Monday, March 7, 2011

pasta with mushrooms

1- 1lb.pasta
     2lb table spoons olive oil
      12 oz mushrooms
       3 garlic cloves
      1/2 cup finely grated parmesan cheese
      1 Red pepper
2 -    cook pasta in a pot of boiling watter until
      aldente, keep one cup cooking water.
      drain pasta and return to pot.
3 -  meanwhile heat olive oil in a frying pan
     add mushrooms and sliced red peppers
     add your seasons salt & pepper
        cover your frying pan (it will be full) cook.
     toss accasionally, until mushrooms have softend
     and released their liquid 7-10 minutes uncover frying pan
     and reduce heat to medium.
     cook tossing accasionally tender,and grown,
     10 to 12 minutes.
     add mushrooms mixture and cheese to pasta,
     toss to combine add as much reserved pasta water as
     necessary to create a light sauce. serve immediately.
     top with more parmesan cheese.
                thats it.
   If you want to add chicken or beef or any lefover protein it will work well.
          its cool

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