Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple Treats

Todays post is a simple snack idea that comes from .
It's a fancier version of ants on a log - remember eating peanut butter and raisins on celery? This is a more grown-up looking and tasting version, one that would be refreshing served on platters at a casual get-together before or after the big holiday dinners.

It is simple enough: core and slice an apple, spread peanut butter and top with oatmeal, walnuts and chocolate chips.
To make it even easier, pick up a bag of fresh granola from All Seasons and sprinkle that on top instead! It comes in a few flavors that would all be delicious on top of the apples and peanut butter - the chocolate variety would be most similar to the recipe, but the vanilla cranberry flavor is our family's favorite.

Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of tasty and healthy food!

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